Gibson Tilley

Fishing is more than catching. It’s everything in between fish that entices anglers and keeps us connected to the wild. Exploring farther, to more remote places where other people aren’t, requires confidence in excellent gear. From the stillness of a mountain lake at dawn, to the dusty winds of a prairie river in August – Marlon boats are designed and built to conquer the most arduous of conditions while providing memories which last a lifetime.

Having spent most of my life fishing, hunting and exploring, the magic of the outdoors has always captivated my attention. Being a part of the Marlon team enables incredible experiences to be shared with friends old and new, to push the boundaries of convention and encourage others to see beyond the status quo and into the world of Marlon. Equipment designed to go outside and play. 

From drifting a prairie river while archery hunting Muledeer to fishing for Trout on a lake deep in the mountains, season after season, Gibson’s roots in the outdoors have defined the get up early and stay out late lifestyle.

Pushing the Limits

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My goal has been to positively contribute to the recreational fishing industry and grow the sport of fishing with ethical, responsible representation across Western Canada.


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