Shane Kelley

I have been snowmobiling since I was 3 Years old. It’s the sport that brought my family and friends together and enjoy the backcountry still to this day. Traveling all over the country and being able to explore some of the best backcountry around truly makes snowmobiling the greatest sport there is. I have raced hill climbs and Hill cross when I was younger then I discovered backcountry sled videos and was even more hooked to the sport. My first film was Team Summit Elevation season 2 filmed by Jeff Aiello. Since then I have been featured in 17+ films with company’s like 509, Alpine Assassins, and Boondockers.

Today I live in Donnelly Idaho right next to McCall Idaho the meca of snowmobiling in the lower 48.  The past few years I have really been focusing on finding new terrain to ride stuff that has never been ridden. Last year my buddy Charles Bluth and I found a area that was just incredible it has everything and untouched really looking forward to getting back in there to film this season. To find Areas like that its key to have a safe and secure sled deck. Marlon has hit it out of the park with there explore pro sled decks easy to use and safe.


Pushing the Limits

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You can find me all over the US riding 4-5 days a week usually side hilling my brains out in the steep trees or just have a great time in the mountain with friends and family.

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