Tatum Monod

Men, women, peers, fans, snowboarders…the entire ski industry respects Tatum for her multi-faceted skiing. She’s one of the few female skiers who incorporates big tricks into her backcountry skiing—and does so with style. With a style that’s both fast and loose, but also displays an incredible amount of ability and control, Tatum makes things look effortless, like the double backflip she threw in the BC backcountry that undoubtedly gave her ski career a boost.

Tatum has been featured in skiings most celebrated ski movies and won several awards for her level of skiing in these films. Filming with productions like Sherpas Cinema, Level 1 productions and Matchstick productions, Tatum has solidified herself as one of the top female backcountry skiers in the world. Tatum uses her snowmobile as a tool to access the ski terrain around her home in Pemberton B.C. Tatum has recently joined the Ski-Doo ambassador team and is currently riding the 2020 Freeride.

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