Marlon Side By Side Deck

Marlon Side By Side Deck

Can you imagine loading your RV camper or enclosed hunting trailer and not having to worry about packing space? You are now able to free up the entire space that your Side by Side was taking up, by now loading and hauling it on your Side X Side Deck!

Our design allows you full turning radius, full use of your tailgate and full use of your truck box. There are now no areas that are off limits or out of range, as you are a rolling self contained thrill seeker with all your required gear on board.

Our Side X Side Deck is the first on the market to be the FULL PACKAGE, meaning you get everything you need to install the deck to your truck as well as load and secure your SXS.

We have a unique adjustable bolt down system for mounting to any full -size truck. The deck has predrilled mounting holes and if needed you can drill your own holes to get the exact fit you desire.

We also have the only unique to us Tire Tie-down system for securing your SXS to the deck once loaded. This is a game changer as its the only system of its kind in the industry! This system simply slips over each tire and ratchets tight. This idea was adopted from the professional car carrier industry as it is a proven method of securing vehicles, it is very unique because it doesn't require you to pre-load your machines suspension. This is the key to not having to stop and adjust/tighten loosening straps every half hour of driving. We have all been there and done that scenario... NOT FUN... OR SAFE.

Another unique tool that comes with the deck is our removable ladder. This has 6 mounting points on the deck, 3 on each side. There are 4 used to mount the ladder so that you can climb up to easily attach the tire tie down system and 2 for the safely entering or exiting of the vehicle. The most dangerous area when using any brand of SXS deck is getting in and out of the vehicle, we have come up with a very safe and very easy method to accomplish this exercise.

Every deck comes with a custom winch plate mounted at the highest point of the deck. This is to assist in the loading and unloading process. It works great if you happen to have a dead machine that needs assistance. Also, it can be used as your regular method of loading and unloading. Lets face it, not everyone is comfortable driving there machine up on the deck. This option gives you the ability to stand on the ground and watch your machine safely load and unload. The winch plate has a large opening for a hook to attach, it is also pre-drilled for a Warrior 2500XT winch. The plate can also be drilled by yourself to fit any winch you desire to use.

Our ramps are not only BOMB proof but they are easy to handle and easy to both attach and store. They simply slide up under your machine and secure with spring clips (we recommend using your own keyed locks).

Every rung on the deck and ramp that comes in contact with your tires, while loading and unloading has our own uniquely designed Ramp Rung Protector installed. They will give you the confidence and ability to simply idle up the ramp in 4 low. They have been specifically designed for traction on our Side X Side Deck.

Another cool feature of the Marlon Side X Side deck is that they will fit in all full-size truck beds, both long box 8' and short box 6'2" and longer. All decks come with the necessary cross braces and hardware to adjust to both length of truck boxes.

Marlon - We dont just keep the pace... we set it!


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