Karavan Large I-Beam Introduction

Karavan Large I-Beam Introduction

After a year of design and testing under development name Big Ass I-Beams, we are now ready to introduce to you the new line up of Karavan Large I-Beams!

Very clean looking due to no exposed U-Bolts, no holes drilled in the bottom of the I-Beam extrusion to hold axles or cross members with our patent pending design. Besides being a very clean design, it allows the axles to be adjusted which is a feature unheard of with past I-Beam trailers. The extrusion has been developed with a 1 1/8” bottom channel that allows the axle bolts to slide in which adds to the strength of the I-Beam reducing unwanted flex. We are now working on options like tire carriers, load and chine guides that will slide into the I-Beam channel and allow adjustments while keeping the clean look.

There are many other features and improvements over others including an extrusion set inside the I-Beam channel that holds the cross members in place and adds additional strength and eliminates inward roll pressure from bolting the cross members to the bottom inside of the I-Beam.  A capture channel to hold and hide the wiring and brake lines out of sight and out of mind. Balanced Radial tires, inline coupler, stainless steel hardware, torsion galvanized axles, 3”x6” strong bunks with solid adjustable bunk bracket are all standard features in the lineup.

The first shipment is sold out, another 40 trailers will be arriving the last week of April. We will soon have further pictures with Hewes, Kingfisher and RH Boats shown on the new I-Beam trailers. Check out further pictures and features on our website by clicking HERE and selecting the trailer sizes at the top of the page.

Please continue to self-distance and stay safe in these times, we will get through this!

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