Marlon Boats

Marlon Boats

It's boat show season and you might be in the market for a new boat! Make sure you have a look at ours before deciding. Here are some reasons why to choose Marlon boats.

First let's start with the Jon Boats! When choosing a flat bottom boat there are three very important things to consider. These are the bottom width of the boat, its carrying capacity and the weight of it. The wider the bottom width of the boat the more stable and more carrying capacity it has.

We offer 3 different lengths of Jon Boats, 10’, 12’ and 14’ lengths. The 10’ model has a 51” wide bottom, weighs 105# and has 549# max gross load in Canada and 461# in the US. The 12’ model has a 51” wide bottom, weighs 132# and has a max gross load of 881# in Canada and 822# in the US. The 14’ model has a 55” bottom width, weighs 198# and has a max gross load of 1,322# in Canada and 935# in the US. Stack these specs up against our competitors!

Our Jon Boats we are really well known for these three big reasons. Our boats have the widest bottom widths for their lengths (still narrow enough to fit between your wheel wells in your full-sized truck), our carrying capacities are huge compared to others and our boats are light enough to man handle.

We have 4 carry handles, large front plate so you have a mount for your anchors or other accessories, EVA covered bench seats, non-skid floor and our 10’ and 12’ models are one sheet of aluminum bent to shape so there are no weld seams down the center of the hull.

Now on to Utility Boats! We offer 12’, 14’ and 16’ models. In the industry we are known for having a fully welded aluminum Utility Boat! Most of our competitors in this space have riveted hulls, we are all welded! A typical 14’ boat of our competitors has 148 rivets just on the transom, we have none! No possibility of leaking rivets. We are also known for having deep hulls making our boat safe and a dry boat. Same as our Jon Boats we have 4 carry handles, EVA covered bench seats and a non-skid floor. Our gunnel has a built in rub rail, heavy-duty transoms and heavy-duty welded bow eyes.

Our 12’ model has a 47” bottom width, weighs 204# and has a max gross load of 639# in Canada and 443# in the US. Our 14’ model has a 52” bottom width, weighs 229# and has a max gross load of 821# in Canada and 562# in the US. The 16’ model has a 57” bottom width, weighs 297# and has a max gross load of 1,151# in Canada and 1,082# in the US.

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