Marlon Multi Trailer Series

Marlon Multi Trailer Series

Multi Trailer Series

When considering buying a snowmobile trailer here are some things to think about!

We at Marlon recognize that snow trailers aren’t used for just snowmobiles. They are used to move atv’s, side by sides, hot tubs and for at the cabin hauling wood etc. That is why we developed the Multi Trailer Series. Multi stands for “multiple”. We called the series this as we developed the trailer to do multiple different things. Here are some of the unique things we’ve done compared to the typical snow trailer.

  • Aluminum decking with built in antiskid ribs. This decking is standard on all three models. Aluminum decking provides lots of strength to the trailer, and it will last forever. The typical snowmobile trailer has wood decking.

  • Built-in tie down system along the side of the trailer and up the center of the decking. These tie down points allow you to tie down whatever machine or load you have on it! These tie downs are also standard on all models! Although the single place 10’ does not have the center tie downs in the decking.

  • The infrastructure of the Multi Series is built to withstand and support a side by side and atv’s. The typical sled trailer doesn’t have any supports under the decking where a snowmobiles track sits, as the tracks don’t weigh much. They rely on their wood decking to hold the machine. This spot on the trailer is exactly where a side by side or ATV’s rear tires would sit.

  • Galvanized steel torsion axles. Most manufacturers use painted black axles. We decided to have our torsion axles with a galvanized finish. On a trailer the axle takes a beating going down the road at any time of year but especially in the winter with the sand and salt on the roads. Galvanizing will hold up much longer than a painted finish. That is why trailers going in salt water tend to be galvanized finish.

  • We offer several different accessories for our Multi Series line up. Here’s a list and a picture of one with lots of options on it (More options coming soon!)
    • Tandem axle (only 12’ model)
    • Salt shield
    • Ski tie down bars
    • Tire tie down straps
    • Superglides
    • Tongue jack
    • 52” wide sled ramp (not available on 10’ single place)
    • 16” wide by 5’ long single atv or sxs ramps
    • Motorcycle wheel chock
    • Aluminum mag wheels
    • Spare tire with carrier
    • Superclamps 

  • Our trailer has adjustable width!! This is only on the 10’ and 12’ two place models. Out West, most snowmobiles have narrow ski stances, so they don’t need a full width trailer. In the East, their machines tend to be wider which means they need a full width (101” wide). For the riders in the West, it is a very nice feature as it’s that much easier to tow down the HWY. This also goes for anyone using the trailer for sxs’s or atv’s. If you don’t need a full width trailer, why get it?! The trailers go from 87” width to 101”. The picture below is the trailer shown in the 87” width.

  • Flat nose... Have you heard of the term “drive on, drive off” sled trailer before. This was a snowmobile trailer where you could drive on the back of it and drive off the front of it. These trailers were designed this way for wayyy back when snowmobiles didn’t have reverse. Now every snowmobile has reverse so this “feature” is useless and dated. We decided to not design our trailers this way and went with a flat front and offer a proper salt shield. We think the new term will change to “drive on, back off”!

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