Marlon Road Trip!

Marlon Road Trip!

As Marlon continues to develop new products the demand for dealers and consumers continues to grow.  Marlon's own warehouses service Western Canada and the US Pacific Northwest however we have had an ongoing number of requests for products from consumers in the East.  Diversco who we partnered with just under a year ago has become a very successful Distributor of Marlon products in Eastern Canada so we decided to take a road trip looking for others like Diversco in Eastern US who will successfully stock and promote Marlon products to their dealer network.

We started after the Bombardier Recreational Products Ski-Doo Dealer Club meeting in New Orleans and made our way up the East Coast meeting and discussing our products with potential distributors.  We covered a large number of US States and sorry we don't have the room to put all the State sign pictures in but I had to include "Sweet Home Alabama" because that Lynyrd Skynyrd song has always been a favorite and is a great road trip song! 

Now as any road trip warrior knows a good road trip always has events that trigger your memory when talking about them; some great, some funny and some you wish you never did experience.  Things like beautiful weather and nasty weather, beautiful hotel rooms and not so nice ones, you take what you can get when the highway gets closed and it's the only hotel left at the side of the road BONUS this room had a vibrating bed! Oh, it was the last room and did I mention it only had one double bed and there were two boys from Western Canada but don't worry we found a small pull out couch!


We were lucky enough to arrive in New Jersey on a Saturday (or was that planned?) and able to catch a hockey game at Madison Square Gardens! 

Then there was the day where we honestly did not know that we were too large for the highway! Lets just leave it at that! 

All in all we are very happy with the results and are extremely excited to announce that Marlon products will be distributed in a large part of Eastern US starting in the fall!  There will be more blog posts coming out very soon announcing who we have set up and what area they will cover so stay tuned! 

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