New for 2020 Marlon Xplore PRO II Deck Series

New for 2020 Marlon Xplore PRO II Deck Series

Here at Marlon we are always trying to improve our products. We do this by using all our products daily, listening to our dealers and our end consumers. New for this year we have:

~ Our 8' decks are now 2" longer. This change was made because of the new pickup trucks making very thick tailgates. The 8' deck on 8' boxes now looks much nicer and covers the tailgate. Another advantage of doing this is the truck deck will now support your machine that much more.

~ We have added a slick transition onto the truck decks decking for your machines. This is not only a cleaner look but it will help you load your snowmobile smoother.

~ We have added Ramp Rung Protectors to our sled deck ramps. Ramp Rung Protectors are a must have if you run ice picks. If you don't run ice picks they still come in handy for walking up and down the ramp. They provide traction that is always nice to have on the snowy and icy days.

~ We have also eliminated our wood decking option. We now only offer our proven all aluminum decking. All aluminum decking will last forever. You wont ever have to replace it.

~ We now offer the Xplore Pro II Sled Deck and the Xplore Pro II ATV Deck. The difference between the two is the ATV deck does not come with front or rear Superclamps where the Sled Deck does.


These Truck Decks still included all the features we have built our name on like:

~ Integrated into our load bar reverse, brake, running and turn signal lights.

~ Built in supertrac with 4 tie down points.

~ Adjustable legs.

~ Telescopic ramp.

~ Wide superglides built into our ramp.

~ Loading lights built into our headache rack.

~ Embedded UHMW into our wings for easy pull out and slide in.

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