Wide Bottom Jon Boat

Wide Bottom Jon Boat


When choosing the right flat bottom boat for you, you'll need to consider the width of the hull on the boat.

The width of the hull is where you get all your stability in the water. The wider the bottom of the boat the more stable the boat will be. Don't be fooled by the "beam width" as that is just the overall width of the boat. Many manufactures will have a wide beam but angle down to a narrow hull, they do this to cut costs.

There are other advantages to having a wide hull other than just stability in the water. Having the wide hull gives you more space inside the boat, gives you more weight capacity inside the boat for a friend, gear and your dog! Also the ease of mind knowing you are safer in the boat.

At Marlon we designed our flat bottom Jon Boats with the consumer in mind. We did not cheap out and cut costs by having a wide beam and a narrow hull, we made the boat light enough so you still have the option to transport it on top of your truck and we made sure you will be safe in your boat! 


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