Xplore Pro II Legs

Xplore Pro II Legs

Its that time of year when you are probably researching sled decks! Our decks offer many features but today we wanted to focus on the legs of our decks.

Sled deck legs are one of the most important parts of the deck!

All our decks have adjustable legs. Our 8’ deck will fit in a 8’ box down to a 6’2” box. Our 7’ deck will fit in a 6’6” box down to a 5’4” box. This is done by moving the back legs forward on the deck. We have an extrusion built into the frame of the sled deck to allow this to be easily done. Loosen 6 carriage bolts and take out 4 button head bolts per leg. Then simply slide the leg forward in the extrusion. This is a good feature for not only allowing to fit a longer deck in a shorter box but for resale of the truck deck and if you decide to get a truck with a different size box then your last.

Another part of our legs to focus on when comparing our sled deck to other brands is the feet on the leg. Our decks come with a “deck leveling kit” which provides a large surface foot pad to spread the weight over a greater area in your box. Smaller feet put the weight in a smaller area in your box which can cause your pick up box to cave in or crack. This deck leveling kit comes with shims that allow you to raise and lower your deck for a perfect fit. Many truck manufacturers have different depth boxes from year to year and truck to truck so these shims come in handy. Other brands legs are adjusted on the legs with holes and bolts and pinch bolts. This overtime causes the holes to oval and those moving parts to break down and loosen.

Our legs and foot pads are proven to get you to your spot and back home no matter what rough road you are driving down.

Get out and Xplore!


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