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Xplore Pro Safety Blog

Xplore Pro safety blog

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a sled deck is safety. At Marlon this is something we always have in mind when developing our products. We wanted to point out a couple things that we have done with safety in mind that makes us different.

We all love coming back from a day of riding and seeing snow build up on our deck but this can also be very dangerous and slippery. Our decking is all aluminum and we install supeglides to each deck. Superglides not only allow the ski carbides to glides across the surface but they also provide a lot of traction for you when you are standing on your deck loading or unloading your machine, putting your cover on or just hanging out! Some of our competitors go with a smooth finish decking which looks great but they can be very dangerous.

We also install superglides on our ramps for the same reasons. Many people use their ramps to get up on or get off their deck so we wanted to cover the ramp with superglides and traction to our ramp rungs.

Incorporated into our load bar is our patented rear light bar. This makes sure you are seen on the roads when heading to and from the mount. This light provides running lights, brake lights, turn signals and a reverse light. It also looks pretty cool!!

We include with all our sled decks lights in the headache racks. These lights provide light for those early morning load ups and the getting back to the truck late load ups after a great day of riding! We install our lights in the headache racks so they are above the snow that falls throughout the day. Some other manufacturers install them low which provide no light when a few inches of snow has fallen. Our lights are also out of the way of being damaged.

We also recognize that sled decks aren’t used for just snowmobiles anymore. They are used for all sorts of things including work. We built the supertrac tie down system into our side extrusion. This gives you plenty of tie down points to make sure you tie down your load safely.

We include a safety latch on our ramp hooks to ensure our ramps stay hooked to the load bar when you want them hooked. It is easy enough to flip it back to remove the ramp. This prevents the ramp from coming off your load bar when loading up.

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